FaZe Rug

Why I left MrBeast’s $100,000 Circle Challenge..

1 дн назад

That was absolutely insane. So here is my experience in MrBeast's circle challenge with all 11 other YouTubers.. It was the craziest thing in the WORLD!

I Filled My House with 100,000 Pounds of Snow!

5 дн назад

THAT WAS SO COOL Today I brought 70000 pounds of snow to my house, and I made it snow in 100 degree weather. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ...

Training for MrBeast CIRCLE CHALLENGE!!

1 нед назад

IT'S GOING DOWN! In today's vlog I went to a fun party at the Clout house, and then decided to start training for Mr Beasts $100000 circle challenge! • OFFICIAL ...

Last To Fall Into The Swimming Pool Wins $10,000 - Challenge

1 нед назад

THAT WAS INTENSE! This challenge turned out to be crazy.. the last person that stays on their floatie, wins $10000.. You won't believe how this ended!


2 нед назад

SHE IS EVIL. So today my cousin Nour decided to team up with my mom to pull one of the craziest pranks EVER done to me... IT WAS SO CRUEL • OFFICIAL ...

YouTube SURPRISED Me With My 10 Million Subscriber DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON! (ft. FaZeClan)

2 нед назад

Download the Dragon City app HERE: https://mtchm.de/gxeki THAT WAS SO LIT! Today I was invited to a dinner with my friends from FaZeClan, and my ...


2 нед назад

THIS WAS SO COOL! Today I decided to break the world record for the tallest lego tower EVER built.. and I think we did it!! • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ...

I Said YES To EVERYTHING My Ex Girlfriend Said for 24 HOURS... **AWKWARD**

2 нед назад

That challenge was NOT fun. For the last 24 hours, I had to say YES to everything my ex girlfriend Kaelyn said.. I'm never doing this ever again!! • 40% OFF ALL ...

Last To Stop Dribbling The Basketball Wins $5,000 - Challenge

3 нед назад

THIS CHALLENGE WAS CRAZY!! Today we decided to do a "LAST TO CHALLENGE" and the last person to stop dribbling the basketball, wins $5000!

I Built a GUCCI STORE Inside of my HOUSE!! **INSANE**

3 нед назад

THAT WAS LIT Guys.. Today I decided to turn one of the rooms in my house into a GUCCI STORE!! They better sponsor me after seeing this... • 20% OFF ALL ...

Being PREGNANT for 24 Hours Challenge... **SUPER EMBARRASSING**

4 нед назад

THAT WAS SO FUNNY Today we decided to wear fake pregnant bellies and go 24 hours living the life as a pregnant woman, and it was NOT easy at all!

I Destroyed a Kids FORTNITE Gaming Setup & SURPRISED Him w/ a NEW One!!

4 нед назад

I love giving back to my family, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Overpowered, the best gaming PC's out there!! #sponsored Check out ...


4 нед назад

THE RACE YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! So about a year ago, I beat Tanner Fox in a race against his GTR. But after he upgraded is car to Guaczilla 2.0, ...


1 мес назад

That was so CRAZY!! In today's vlog we bought a GIANT cup and filled it up with ice cream and toppings to create the worlds biggest sundae. So epic!

This $60,000,000 Hotel Room Will BLOW YOUR MIND!! (Full Tour)

1 мес назад

This is UNREAL.. Did you ever know what a $60000000 hotel room looked like..? Yea me neither until today. The craziest hotel room you will EVER SEE!

Smash The Right Piggy Bank And Win $10,000 (CHOOSE WISELY OR ELSE)

1 мес назад

THAT WAS CRAZY! If you smash the piggy bank with $10000 in it, you keep it. But if you smash the other one, you must do a crazy dare. Choose wisely!

If you lose, you HAVE to spin the MYSTERY WHEEL.. (Super Car DESTROYED)

1 мес назад

This game was not fun. Today my brother and I decided to play a game and the loser had to spin the wheel full of punishments to do on your own car.

Ex-Couple Takes a Lie Detector Test.. (Is She REALLY a Gold Digger?)

1 мес назад

That was intense... So today my ex-girlfriend Molly and I decided to take a lie detector test to get to the bottom of everything.. Things got crazy! • 20% OFF ALL ...

I Tipped the Chef $1,000 & what he did will SHOCK YOU...

1 мес назад

THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED! So today I went around tipping chefs from restaurants money because they don't get enough credit! • 20% OFF ALL RUG ...

This changed FaZe Tfue's life FOREVER...

1 мес назад

Join Honey for FREE and get 10% OFF ALL RUG MERCH ▻ https://joinhoney.com/fazerug Honey's 10 million members save an average of $28.61 a month on ...

You won't believe what happened at the Haunted Tunnel.. (I REGRET IT)

2 мес назад

That was so scary... WTF So many people have been asking me to go back to the Haunted Tunnel and I regret it so bad.. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ...