I Found Stolen Drugs and I Tried to Return Them

1 нед назад

I found these stolen drugs in my truck and I found a note telling me to return the drugs. So I went to go return them because I don't want the drugs on me.

Thieves Try Selling My Silver Play Button

4 нед назад

Use code 'thrill65' to get the Commuter by Kove for 65% OFF: http://koveaudio.com/thrill65 The thieves that stole my silver play button tries selling my silver play ...

Crazy Kids Steal Silver Play Button

2 мес назад

I was just riding down the road to get my silver play button when I saw a bunch of kids looking at me. I could tell the kids wanted to steal the silver play button ...

Stealing Someone's Quad

2 мес назад

I was just scouting out the area with my drone and I found my stolen dirt bike. I approached the house which had my dirt bike and a quad. Someone came out ...

Crazy Guy Steals Dirt Bike

2 мес назад

I was just riding in the woods on my dirt bike. Then a crazy guy jumped out from behind a tree and stole my dirt bike. He held me back and he demanded that I ...

Dirt Bike Stolen While Riding

3 мес назад

I was just riding my dirt bike and It was stolen while I was riding it. I had just went to check my oil and he kicked me off the dirt bike. I don't know if I will be able to ...

Crazy Kid Steals Dirt Bike

3 мес назад

I noticed two little kids mischievously hanging out by the street. Then the crazy kid stole my dirt bike, after asking to take it for a test ride. This is not the first time I ...

Crazy Kid Steals Four Wheeler

3 мес назад

It was just a normal day and we noticed a kid mischievously holding a baseball bat. Then the crazy kid stole our four wheeler and took off. I can't keep letting ...

Cops Chase Dirt Bike With Stolen Drugs

4 мес назад

I decided to return the stolen drugs to the house but an undercover cop was waiting for me and chased me on my dirt bike. The undercover cop was most likely a ...

Angry Lady HATES Wheelies

4 мес назад

This lady really doesn't approve of wheelie popping in the neighborhood. She is sure my mom would not want us out on the streets popping wheelies.

Stealing My Truck Back

4 мес назад

The dirt bike thief stole my truck so in this video I will be stealing my truck back. I knew where the get the truck because when he stole the truck I left my phone in ...

Dirt Bike Thief Tries Selling My Bike

4 мес назад

The dirt bike thief that stole my cash tries selling my dirt bike that I paid for. I found it on craigslist and I found him. He tries to pull a knife on me but I don't let him.

ATV Ran Out Of Gas On The Street (Police Involved)

5 мес назад

It finally snowed so we decided to take the ATV out on the street, but I ran out of gas. I had no choice but to get off my quad and get on the back of my friends tiny ...

Huge Giveaway For 10k Subscribers (Closed)

6 мес назад

This Giveaway is closed and a winner has already been selected. If you would like to enter a giveaway, I will be hosting another giveaway if I ever hit 100k subs.

10,000 SUBSCRIBERS BEST MOMENTS & Giveaway Details

7 мес назад

Thank you guys so much for 10000 subscribers. This is a video I put together of all the best moments 1k - 10k subscribers. To thank you all I will be hosting a ...

Riding A Dirt Bike On The Streets Downtown - TTR 90 & CRF 70 MotoVlog

8 мес назад

We finally rode our dirt bikes on the busy streets. We almost passed a police station! Equipment Used CAMERA: https://go.magik.ly/ml/d9zh/ (Affiliate) ...


8 мес назад

We were riding our bikes on a new trail that led us to grass. I had no idea how soft the grass was so our dirt bikes ripped up the grass. I did not intend to rip up ...

Dirt Bike Vs Angry Dad

8 мес назад

Me on my dirt bike vs my angry dad. I don't know why I was riding so bad but I didn't like the turns. Equipment Used CAMERA: https://go.magik.ly/ml/d9zh/ ...

Crazy Old Guy Threatens Dirt Biker

8 мес назад

So I was just riding my dirt bike on this trail I usually ride on and some crazy old guy just threatens me with an axe on my dirt bike. He was very angry and he ...

Cash Stolen On Dirt Bike

9 мес назад

I found a really nice dirt bike for sale on craigslist. Turns out the guy was a crook and my cash was stolen on his dirt bike. As soon as he saw the cash he was all ...

Visiting The House That Had My Dirt Bike

10 мес назад

I decided to go back to the house to see if the thief was home. Turn out he wasn't home but we had a fun time riding anyway. Enjoy the motovlog. Please Go ...